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OilFieldFacts is the brainchild of Larry Garafola, Founder of Equipmentfacts, the Online Marketplace for Equipment & Trucks. With his extensive experience in Oil Field aucitons, he has decided to expand into the Oil Field Auction Industry.


OilFieldFacts provides online auction solutions for the oilfield & drilling auction industry. We have set up an easy to use, industry specific online bidding system that broadcasts auctions from locations around the world and streams directly to a bidder’s computer or mobile device. When bidders can’t make it to the auction site, they simply log on to OilFieldFacts.com to attend the auction virtually. Our online auction service benefits both sellers and buyers because our system makes it very simple for high numbers of bidders around the world to attend auctions, resulting in an increase of participants per sale.


Our bidding technology is fast, reliable, secure, and surpasses the limitations of on-site auctions. We’ve compiled a large database of registered bidders from countries across the globe. As part of our approval process, we rigorously screen each bidder before granting access to our auctions in order to ensure that all participants are reliable buyers. Our services are currently used by numerous auctioneers located around the country.


Other features that OilFieldFacts prides itself on include excellent customer service, responsive technical support team and support staff, custom social media initiative and promotional video marketing service.


We are your #1 source for online auctions in the Oil Field & Drilling Auction Industry!


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