For you buyers, 3 simple ways are available to you to participate in these sales:- live on the spot by free hand the same day of the auction. (A $ 10 registration fee will be charged to obtain a valid buyer number only on site).- Live, making your bets as the online sale is broadcast the same day.- By making your bets in advance, so you can continue your daily activities without wasting valuable hours. However, in the case of equal betting, the computer system prioritizes the direct. In order to avoid this, make your bets by adding $ 1. WARNING :Purchase Recovery:**** Buyers on a maximum of 3 days (END OF WEEK INCLUDED) following the sale in which they participated to recover the items purchased. After your dates, a $ 50 / item warehouse fee will be added to your bill.Different recovery conditions may apply. Inform yourself! That's your responsibility!

Please note that the pickup address for the merchandise may be different from one item to another. The recovery address will then be indicated in the description of the item. It is your responsibility to ensure that you will be able to recover your purchases. Encan Ouellette will not cancel any sale for this reason.It should be noted that all sales are final and that a 15% on-site and 18% online fee as well as the usual sales taxes will apply on all your purchases.Invoices must be paid in full before you pick up your purchases. You must make sure that we have received your payment before coming to pick up your merchandise.



1 – The equipment listed is not all in the same place, check on each lot where it is located.

2 – The visit of the equipments is by appointment only. You must contact us and you will be redirected to your representative.

3 – Plan B – The magazine only acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. All lots will be sold under the seller’s approval unless the registered reserve price is reached during the sale.

4 – If your offer is accepted by a seller, a representative will contact you and you will have 3 days to finalize your purchase with the seller. However, you will have to give a security deposit of 1,000$ per credit card the same day of the seller’s acceptance.

5 – Plan B – The magazine is an advertising platform in the form of a live auction on the web for individuals or merchants of all types of vehicles.

6 – Plan B – The magazine is never party to a transaction concluded through its website, the buyer and the seller being the only parties to this transaction.

7 – Plan B – The magazine is in no way responsible for the vehicles traded or the behavior of the buyer and/or the seller.

8 – Plan B – The magazine is not responsible for the information provided by the seller on the vehicle, the delivery or non-delivery of the vehicle by the seller, the identity of the owner of the vehicle or the existence of rights, security interests and/or privileges on the vehicle.

9 – Plan B – The magazine does not check the quality of the vehicles offered and does not guarantee the delivery or payment of the vehicles. Without limiting the generality of what Plan B – The magazine is not responsible for the information provided by the user about the vehicle for sale. Plan B – The magazine can not be considered as an expert or a merchant of the vehicles put on sale.

10- Plan B – The magazine reserves the right to cancel bids at any time, wether the auction is in progress or not yet started, without obligations to provide explanations or incur responsibilities.

11- A 15% fee will be added to your bid if you win the auction.

12 – Plan B – The magazine reserves the right to withdraw articles before a sale.

13- Take note that when you register for a sale, you authorize Plan B – The magazine to send your name and phone number to the appropriate seller.


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