Auction Details

Demo Timed auction

2024-04-13 13:35

External Number : DEMOTimed001
Time Zone : America/Montreal (EST)
Currency : MYR
Time Extension : 60 seconds
Max Bid Type : Turn-by-Turn
Max Bid Registration Start : 2024-04-13 13:30
Max Bid Registration End : Till the end

Max Bid

By registering an amount in the Max Bid box, the auction system will bid for you up to this same amount. This amount should be; higher than the starting price or the current high bid. Very useful feature if you are away from the auction.

Increment Table

Between and Increment
0 1000 100
1000 10000 1000
10000 - 10000

All amounts must follow the increment rules.
Amounts that do not follow the increment rules may not be accepted as a final amount by the auctioneer.

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